March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | UFC Paris Odds: Should Marvin Vettori be afraid of Robert Whittaker, "The Reaper?"

OKBET MMA | UFC Paris Odds: Should Marvin Vettori be afraid of Robert Whittaker, "The Reaper?"

OKBET MMA | UFC Paris Odds: Should Marvin Vettori be afraid of Robert Whittaker, “The Reaper?”



On the main card of UFC Fight Night tonight in Paris, Marvin Vettori and Robert Whittaker square off as the primary support for the main event between Ciryl Gane of France and Tai Tuivasa of Australia.

Whittaker vs. Vettori has been solved, but we have also previewed Gane vs. Tuivasa.

There’s a chance this undercard battle may steal the show from the main event fighters if they bring their A-games to the ring.

Everything is on the line, as the victor stands to gain worldwide exposure and the attention of promoters and the UFC’s top fighters.

Find Out the Latest Betting Odds and Information for the Robert Whittaker vs. Marvin Vettori Fight

Battle Details

  • This fight is crucial for Robert Whittaker, the former UFC middleweight champion, who wants to defend his title.
  • Once upon a time, Marvin Vettori was a serious contender for the UFC middleweight belt, but he ultimately fell short.
  • Originally slated for UFC 275, Whittaker’s injury necessitated the postponement of the fight.
  • Accor Arena is the venue and location (Paris, France)
  • Time of Day: Around 4 o’clock time zone east of the Mississipp

Betting Odds: Robert Whittaker vs. Marvin Vettori
Vegas odds provided by OKBet Sportsbook.


  • A -220 Robert Whittaker
  • In the case of Marvin Vettori, the score is +180

Can We Expect a Long-Term Fight?

  • Yes -270
  • No +205

Previously, the Reaper held the title of champion.

Originally from New Zealand, 31-year-old boxer Robert Whittaker currently calls Sydney, New South Wales, Australia home.

The Reaper, a former UFC middleweight champion who was defeated by Israel Adesanya in his most recent fight, understands he has to win big to have any chance of reclaiming his titles.

Whittaker established himself as the division’s top contender for quite some time. He was on a roll until February of this year, when he lost in Houston, Texas to the immensely skilled Israel.

That’s a tough pill for the boxer and his whole crew to swallow, but now is the perfect time to get things turned around.

If The Reaper is up to the task, as we anticipate, he will signal to the rest of the division that he has completely healed and is ready to return to his former position.

We think the former champion can finally get things rolling again with a victory here, and we’re supporting him to do just that.

hittaker has an ulterior motive.

You may wish to look for an other method of backing Whittaker if you agree with the betting traders and this article and expect him to soon resume winning.

Betting on the clear favorite to win the fight is boring and won’t get you much for your money, but there are alternative ways to wager on this match.

One of the unique markets given by the top books is the “way of winning” market, which allows punters a shot at better payouts.

There’s value in guessing whether The Reaper will win on points, through knockout, or via submission if you think he will really prevail in this bout. It might be useful to study the form.

Whittaker has had three victories and one loss in his previous four fights, all of which went the distance before being decided by the judges’ scores.

His previous five victories have all been decided by the scorecards, and we’re pleased to keep the streak alive.

The Italian Dream is an attempt to defy convention.

Marvin Vettori, a 28-year-old mixed martial arts (MMA) pro, has been quickly recognized as a rising star by the UFC’s power brokers.

Vettori faces Whittaker with the belief that this is his big chance, since he is the UFC’s number two middleweight and has watched the number one fighter fall twice to the title.

There’s little sense in Marvin hoping for his big break if he can’t defeat a player who lost so badly to the champion.

There are 18 wins and 5 losses in his professional mixed martial arts career; 9 wins were by submission, 7 via decision, and 2 via knockout. Remember that all five of his prior defeats were decided by the judges’ scores.

Marvin Vettori’s last five finishes

  • Won by a margin of points
  • Points defeat
  • Bested the competition with a higher point total
  • triumphed through a point differential
  • Defeated opponents and won via surrender.

Eventually, the judicial system will be activated.

Taking into account Vettori’s recent form and his opponent’s recent string of points triumphs, it seems that the judges will be called upon to reach a decision.

Until his fight with Karl Robertson in June of 2020, none of Marvin’s past four fights had gone the distance.

With two elite fighters laying it all on the line, this promises to be a war of brains and talent rather than power and big blows, making it one for the purists among us.

In theory, Whittaker should have the upper hand due to his status as a former champion, but in practice, the Italian will not give up anything easily.

My pick for the fight between Robert Whittaker and Marvin Vettori is Whittaker.

Betting Pick: Robert Whittaker on Points -125 vs. Marvin Vettori (OKBet Sportsbook)

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