March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | Tito Ortiz and Paddy Pimblett both disapprove of Chael Sonnen

OKBET MMA | Tito Ortiz and Paddy Pimblett both disapprove of Chael Sonnen

OKBET MMA | Chael Sonnen has been criticized by both Tito Ortiz and Paddy Pimblett



Two things former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz and rising lightweight star Paddy Pimblett have in common are their opinions on Chael Sonnen and their mutual dislike of him.

Pimblett recently had Ortiz on his podcast, Chattin Pony. Ortiz held the UFC 205-pound title from 2000 to 2003, and he defended it five times.

They eventually got down to talking about Sonnen, whom Ortiz had previously defeated (after years of trash talking and hostility) by submission at Bellator 170 in 2017. While it’s well knowledge that “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” takes a dim view of Sonnen, Pimbett’s feud with “The American Gangster” is more recent.

After holding the featherweight title in the Cage Warriors organization, “The Baddy” just joined the UFC in September of last year in an effort to replicate that success in the Octagon. Since then, Pimblett’s three stoppage victories and antics outside the cage have made him one of the most talked-about fighters on the roster.

You can bet Sonnen has a video on YouTube about whomever or whatever is trending at the time.

To be very forthright, “Chael is constantly talking about me,” Pimblett said. Even videos where I say he’s talking about me or where I remark that he’s talking about me have been produced. What the heck are you doing, mate? I demand that you immediately cease producing videos featuring me. In other words, I have never met you. A lot of talk is all he does, however, isn’t it?

Everything Sonnen says is “bullsh*t,” according to Ortiz, who soon agreed with Pimblett’s assessment

He is always engaged in chatter. “He’s full of it, and he has zero evidence to back it up,” Ortiz said. On the other hand, you know what? It’s a positive sign if people are talking about you.

When it comes to Pimblett, Sonnen has undoubtedly been vocal. Searching Sonnen’s channel on YouTube reveals over ten videos pertaining to the Scouser, ranging from “is Paddy the Baddy being fed easy opponents” and “fat Paddy the Baddy & The Monkey King” to “It’s time to make up with Paddy the Baddy.”

After hearing Pimblett call Sonnen a “P*ssy,” Ortiz came to the same conclusion

Ortiz, while describing his own rocky history with the former middleweight and light heavyweight UFC championship contender, implied that he is not through with Sonnen yet, either in the cage or on the streets.

I plan to compete at least once more. “All this pssy Chael Sonnen has is a fcking tongue, and we’re trying to get him to fight,” Ortiz remarked. A common negative response is, “I don’t like (him). Either I’ll hit him in the face and risk going to prison, or I’ll be paid to do it. So, it’s going to happen one way or another. The person has to quit making excuses, now.

Contractual matters between him and Tiki Ghosn, his manager, must be decided by Tiki Ghosn. Fcking live up to your promise and take responsibility. Say you tapped me on the shoulder. Try it again and we’ll see if you can. In Ortiz’s words, “I simply despise the man.” “I made him seem like a little btch,” he said. It seemed like the man crossed the line with me. I didn’t hate him before, but now I do since I gave him a chance to make amends and he didn’t.

The limited time Ortiz and Sonnen spent in the Bellator cage together clearly did nothing to calm their long-standing hostility for one another. Although Sonnen claimed that Ortiz had “verbally tapped,” “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” won the fight through submission in the first round.

As a result of the pre-fight trash talk, Ortiz acknowledged after the fight that he had held onto the submit for too long.

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