March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | Raul Rosas Jr. Will Do Anything To Become Youngest Champion

OKBET MMA | Raul Rosas Jr. Will Do Anything To Become Youngest Champion

OKBET MMA | Raul Rosas Jr. Will Do Anything To Become Youngest Champion



Raul Rosas Jr. is the youngest fighter in UFC history, and as a newly signed bantamweight prospect, he hopes to continue setting records.

While ten competitors competed for a contract on this week’s edition of Dana White’s Contender Series, all eyes were on one 17-year-old who may create history.

Given that Rosas Jr. is too old to compete in many states, the choice to have him appear on the program was met with confusion. UFC officials took advantage of Nevada’s regulations to give “El Nio Problema” a chance, and it’s fair to say he made the most of the opportunity.

High-level wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu helped Rosas Jr. defeat Mando Gutierrez, eight years his senior. After 15 minutes of action, Rosas Jr. secured a unanimous decision victory, surprising those who thought he would only be signed as a developing fighter.

It’s “No Breaks, No Gas” for Rosas Jr.

Newly signed fighter Rosas Jr. displayed his self-assurance and confidence during the press conference that followed his bout earlier in the evening.

When asked how it felt to receive a contract, the Mexican bantamweight said that it was the first rung on a ladder that ended with the title of “youngest UFC champion.”

I feel lucky to have been given this chance. Rosas Jr. acknowledged the effort required. “At this point, I’m prepared to take on anybody. Gold is all I can see. The first door was unlocked by us. In doing so, I’ve taken another big step toward realizing my goal of being the UFC’s youngest champion. As for my abilities, I just demonstrated a small portion of them. You guys are in for a real treat… I can do a far better job.

If you place someone in front of me, I won’t care. I don’t care who it is, I’m going to go after them all. Rosas Jr. continued, “Even if I had to go fight right now, I’d go fight right now.” I wish there was a fight this coming Saturday, but I’ve heard there won’t be any. Every time they hold a competition, I’ll be there to battle. Next week, I want to have a fight.

Rosas Jr. said once again that he hoped to get off to a quick start inside the Octagon, and that he would take a bout against a top-five UFC bantamweight if provided.

Although he is aware of the difficulties that lie ahead, the 17-year-old maintains that he will do everything it takes and triumph over anyone stands in his way.

I don’t care if we have to fight once a week or once a month; I’m always up for it. I have no control over my speed. When I finally retire, that’s when I’ll be able to lay low. We’re just getting started here,” Rosas Jr. said. Whatever it takes, I will become the youngest UFC champion. If I were making my UFC debut today, I’d want to square off against a man ranked in the top five. On the other hand, I know I can and will succeed if I put in the effort.

Jon Jones, at age 23, holds the record for youngest champion ever, having won the light heavyweight championship.

Ever since then, other people have tried to equal or even top his achievement. Promising female flyweight Maycee Barber echoed Rosas Jr.’s thoughts after her DWCS triumph, and Muhammad Mokaev is the next fighter this year to aim for the record-breaking feat.

Rosas Jr. is the youngest fighter in UFC history, so it’s difficult to predict how far he’ll go in the organization. However, time is on his side, and he may still become a champion.

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