March 27, 2023

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OKBet MMA | Pereira seeks to surpass Adesanya's unconventional training

OKBet MMA | Pereira seeks to surpass Adesanya's unconventional training

OKBet MMA | Pereira seeks to surpass Adesanya’s unconventional training



OKBET MMA – Alex Pereira has posted some weird, wheel-based training film today in reaction to Israel Adesanya’s movie of a similar kind.

The fearsome Brazilian striker was observed practicing on a hoverboard at the gym. Pereira seemed to have kept to boxing, but he was just as sharp when hitting from onboard the ship.

The video was a reaction to his impending opponent, Adesanya. The champion uploaded a video of himself practicing agility by avoiding approaching tennis balls against a wall.

The duo are scheduled to meet at UFC 281 in New York in one of the most anticipated middleweight matches in recent memory. Poatin has already defeated Adesanya twice in kickboxing. Israel Adesanya, a reigning champion whose poise and style have elevated him to one of the best 185-pound fighters in history, is known as the king of this jungle.

Pereira Wheeled Boxes

In the Instagram video, Pereira can be seen throwing a punch while retaining his balance on a hoverboard. It is uncertain if this is a recognized sport, but it should be. If someone were to adopt this notion, Pereira should be ranked first in terms of weight.

Alex Pereira became a contender by knocking out Sean Strickland, a tough fighter with a loud personality. This was just his third bout in the promotion, but because to his history with Adesanya, it was a no-brainer.

For “Stylebender,” Cannonier won his seventh championship match. However, this triumph at Madison Square Garden might be his last. Pereira depicts an ancient evil that not only refuses to go, but actively pursues our hero. Indeed, regardless of the sport or locale, Pereira is ubiquitous.

Not only is Adesanya vs. Pereira 3 a true blockbuster, but it is also probably the defining battle of Israel Adesanya’s championship reign.

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