March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | Cris Cyborg's Boxing Debut Gets a Reaction From Claressa Shields

OKBET MMA | Cris Cyborg's Boxing Debut Gets a Reaction From Claressa Shields

OKBET MMA | Cris Cyborg’s Boxing Debut Gets a Reaction From Claressa Shields



Cris Cyborg has just won her first boxing match, and champion Claressa Shields is there to offer her congratulations.

There seems to be a new boxer in town who formerly competed in mixed martial arts. Cris Cyborg, a former UFC champion and the current Bellator featherweight champion, has recently won her debut in the world of boxing.

Cris Cyborg, who has dominated the mixed martial arts industry for years, has always had a desire to branch out into boxing. She has been discussing the potential of this happening and has even named certain boxers she would want to fight. She can start crossing fights and opponents off her list now that she’s finally won her first fight.

Cyborg has always wanted to fight Claressa Shields in the ring since she is a multiple-time boxing champion. It’s safe to say that Shields and Cyborg get along well. They’re old friends who used to exercise together and eventually helped each other switch sports.

Shields has started competing in mixed martial arts and has been somewhat skeptical of Cyborg’s decision to switch to boxing. However, she came around to congratulate her buddy on the victory, even if she wasn’t thrilled with Cyborg’s opponent.

Cris Cyborg Swept Her Debut Fight In The Ring.

Cyborg’s intended opponent was a woman called Jessica McCaskill, who came into the bout with a record of 17-14. Shields speculated that Cyborg could have been challenging an easier opponent. In the end, Cyborg met 17-21 Simone Silva.

With a victory under her belt, Cyborg may eventually challenge Shields. With the appropriate promotion, any of these two might have a high-stakes bout for a lot of money.

Both Cyborg and Shields want to continue competing in mixed martial arts. Shields has fought twice in the PFL and has a 1-1 record in mixed martial arts.

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