March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | Betting on Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker: The Australian will win big again

OKBET MMA | Betting on Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker: The Australian will win big again

OKBET MMA | Betting on Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker: The Australian will win big again



It all begins with a light heavyweight bout between Tyson Pedro and Harry Hunsucker in tonight’s UFC 278 event at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It’s likely that Pedro will win the match against Hunsucker, but does the underdog American have a chance?

Statistics for the Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker Fight

Tyson Pedro (8-3-0, 3 KO) will face Harry Hunsucker (7-5, 3 KO)
Vivint Arena is the place and venue for this event (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Saturday, August 20, 2022.
Time of Beginning: Around 10:00 P.M. Tonight at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time (local time)
Betting Lines: Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker
Vegas odds provided by OKBet Sportsbook.


Miguel Pedro Tyson -800
For the record, Harry Hunsucker is a +550.

Can We Expect a Long-Term Fight?

Yes +650
No -1200

To this day, Hunsucker still has no UFC victories to his name.

Hunsucker will be aiming for a victory that might turn his UFC career around, despite the odds being significantly in favor of Tyson Pedro.

Hunsucker has had a rough start in the UFC because of the obvious quality difference between it and other organizations. Harry learned after his first few battles that there is no room for mistake at this level. He went winless.

Few fighters have had it worse than Hunsucker had in the beginning of their careers, but he has made the necessary adjustments to his nutrition, training regimen, and support team to turn things around.

He’s downgraded from the heavyweight division to the light heavyweight division, where he feels his height and weight will provide him an advantage in a major fight.

Hunsucker needs a victory to earn back some fans in the UFC after an awful run of form that has some people wondering whether he has any future at this level.

This lends credence to his choice to make the drop to light heavyweight, where he will be much larger and stronger than his opponents.

Will dropping down a weight class help him turn around his UFC career?

Even though it was expected by fight fans, another defeat would put the last nail in his career coffin.

Despite his little stature, Pedro delivers quite a punch

It is widely expected that Tyson Pedro will win this fight and continue his ascent in the light heavyweight class, and he is the betting favorite with all of the major bookmakers.

Since he has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), boxing (boxing), and mixed martial arts (MMA), Tyson is a versatile fighter. His fighting technique is clearly influenced by his years of practice.

The 30-year-old Australian has an 8-3 professional mixed martial arts record with five submission wins and three knockout victories. His three defeats were through knockout, submission, and points equally.

Tyson Pedro’s last five finishes

  • Received a knockout victory.
  • TKO defeat
  • Defeated through capitulation
  • Defeated opponents and won via surrender.
  • Points lost

Even if Tyson’s recent record is worse than his opponent’s, he might take solace from his recent win against Ike Villanueva.

Even if this is a win-at-all-costs situation, Pedro isn’t the type to start a winning streak by going the distance and winning a bout on points.

We don’t think Pedro will leave Hunsucker’s fate up to the judges, so he should knock him out quickly and send him to the locker room.

And the Winner Is…Tyson Pedro, Over Harry Hunsucker!

Betting Prediction for Tyson Pedro vs. Harry Hunsucker: Pedro by Knockout, Technical Knockout, or Disqualification (-250 at OKBet Sportsbook)

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