March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | UFC wagering on Ciryl Gane against Tai Tuivasa: Will the Frenchman charm the Parisian crowd?

OKBET MMA | UFC wagering on Ciryl Gane against Tai Tuivasa: Will the Frenchman charm the Parisian crowd?

OKBET MMA | UFC wagering on Ciryl Gane against Tai Tuivasa: Will the Frenchman charm the Parisian crowd?



At the Accor Arena in Paris, France, the UFC will host a thrilling fight program. Ciryl Gane and Tai Tuivasa are set to square off in the main event, and it’s sure to be a sellout.

On fight night, the Frenchman Gane will have the support of the audience, and traders at the big bookmakers think it will make all the difference. But can we really expect him to deliver?

Details on the Fight Between Ciryl Gane and Tai Tuivasa

Professional mixed-martial-arts fighter Ciryl Gane is currently recognized as the best heavyweight fighter in the world.
Sydney, Australia’s Tai Tuivasa is a top-three rated heavyweight fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Gane has a professional MMA record of 10 wins and 1 loss, with the lone loss being in his most recent fight.
Accor Arena is the venue and location (Paris, France)
Time of Day: Evening (5:00) time zone east of the Mississippi
Compare the odds to win between Ciryl Gane and Tai Tuivasa.
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  • In the 575th position, Ciryl Gane
  • It’s 425 if it’s Tai Tuivasa

Can We Expect a Long-Term Fight?

  • Yes +205
  • No -270

The French boxer was favored to win.

As the home fighter, Gane will have almost all of the spectators rooting for him to win.

Previous five placements for Ciryl Gane

Points defeat

  • TKO victory (third round)
  • triumphed through a point differential
  • triumphed through a point differential
  • The winner was determined via a technical knockout (second round)

Gane is attempting a comeback.

Ciryl has a 10-1 record in professional MMA competition, with his lone loss coming in his most recent outing against current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou at UFC 270. There is no shame in losing against one of the promotion’s best fighters on that night in California since the winner seems unbeatable at the moment.

Gane must now show he has the strength of character and resiliency to quickly return to winning ways after a setback.

Winning is great when things are going your way, but Ciryl has to be able to turn things around when they aren’t.

We agree with the oddsmakers that Gane will win on Saturday in Paris, but because he is the favorite there isn’t much benefit in betting on him. That’s why we check out the undercards, and with four knockout victories already under his belt, we’re picking the favorite to make it two knockout victories in three bouts for a reasonable payout.

Can you recommend betting on Bam Bam?

The fact that Tai Tuivasa is the underdog and has been given little attention in the buildup to the match should work in his favor.

Pre-fight betting indicates there is a clear favorite, and Bam Bam is clearly overmatched. The Sydney, Australia, boxer, however, goes about his business with complete assurance.

The following results include his past five bouts and show that the 29-year-old is now on a winning streak that has improved his professional MMA record to 14 wins and 3 losses. His most recent loss was in October of this year.

Current position through the previous five for Tai Tuivasa
Defeated the opponent and scored a knockout victory (second round)
Successfully defended one’s title via knockout (second round)
Successfully defended their title via knockout (first round)
Complete Knockout Victory (first round)
knockout victory (first round)
When it comes to the end zone, Tuivasa is lightning quick.

Three of Tai’s four career losses have been through knockout, submission, or points. However, his recent knockout victories have impressed fans, and money is likely to be put on another stoppage victory.

The Australian, if he can close the gap and land a punch, may really unsettle the favorite and keep the spectators quiet.

His previous three fights have all been in victories, and after his first-round knockout of Derrick Lewis in Houston, Texas, he was awarded the performance of the night prize.

Two of those three knockout victories came as a result of elbow attacks, and if Gane takes this fight lightly, he might pay dearly.

Tai is on a winning streak, is not worried about the outcome of the match, and is confident in his ability to eliminate Gane at any time. The proper favorite has been picked, and we expect him to win, but it won’t be easy.

Prediction for Ciryl Gane vs. Tai Tuivasa: Gane will prevail

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