March 27, 2023

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OKBET MMA | Anderson Silva's Retirement Timeline

OKBET MMA | Anderson Silva's Retirement Timeline

OKBET MMA | Anderson Silva’s Retirement Timeline



Anderson Silva has had a long and prosperous career in combat sports, but he is not yet prepared to retire.

Anderson Silva has dominated the world of mixed martial arts for decades. He started fighting professionally at the age of 22 and has not stopped since. He is the UFC champion with the most consecutive victories. Numerous individuals rank Silva as the best of all time, and with good cause.

Now that his 14-year tenure in the UFC has come to an end, some speculated that Silva may retire, but he has put an end to such speculation by transitioning into boxing. At the age of 46, he has entered the world of boxing and is proving to fans that he still has what it takes to succeed in the ring.

Anderson Silva Outlines His Retirement Strategy

In his next bout, Silva will square off against Jake Paul. The youthful fighter has made a name for himself by defeating former MMA competitors. Silva is not just any fighter, though, as he was recognized for his striking in the UFC and has shown to be a formidable opponent in boxing as well.

Could this be a lucrative opportunity for Silva as he prepares to retire from combat sports? As a guest on The MMA Hour, he elaborates on when he believes he will put up his gloves for good.

“When I’m done, I’m done,” he remarked. “I’m closing the door, this is in my past, thank you, and I’m leaving. But right now I’m doing OK. I continue to accomplish something excellent by sparring with excellent children, professional fighters, and Olympic winners. The men have been of great assistance to me, and I continue to do something on par with the children… I am unsure (whether I will fight at age 50). I believe I’ve had enough of battling with my grandkids at home… I believe my last bout will occur at age 49. 49 is the digit.”

Silva is just two years away from reaching the enchanted number, but he still has goals he wants to fulfill. After his encounter with Paul, he expressed desire to compete in jiu-jitsu tournaments. He added that he enjoys competition and wants to continue pushing himself.

If Silva overcomes Paul, a rematch and more compensation should be possible. As long as Silva is content and receives fight offers, he will likely continue to compete.

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